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What is Strata?

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Let us help YOU better serve your clients

Selling Agents

Questions you may be asked by a prospective buyer

  • Which firm manages the scheme or is it self managed? 
  • How I be expected to be on a committee?
  • Are the books available for inspection?
  • What expenses do levies cover? 
  • How much are levies?
  • Are there by-laws to follow, how do I get a copy? 
  • What happens if someone breaches a by-law?
  • Do I have to get my own building and contents insurance?
  • Are there plans for capital works? Will these require a special levy?
  • What is the difference between a Strata and Community Scheme?

For your listings of a property under management of Exclusively Strata
               let us compile a STRATA FACT SHEET for your marketing plan.            

Price: $132.00 incl GST

Have all the answers at your finger-tips and achieve FASTER sales!!


Letting agents 

Can you answer these questions about repairs
1. Is it the repair strata or landlord's responsibility?
2. Should I ask the strata manager to fix the: 
     - broken awning on a villa 
    - a dripping garden tap 
    - downpipe on a townhouse in a community scheme?