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Questions to ask before BUYING into a strata or community scheme   

  • What am I actually buying - walls, roof, land, verandah?
  • What is it going to cost me for LEVIES?
  • Are there large projects planned that I need to know about?
  • What common property has been repaired recently or still needs to be repaired?
  • Is there an onsite gardener?
  • Do I need additional insurance policies? What is covered by the scheme?
  • Is the CAPITAL WORKS FUND healthy?
  • Is the selling agent telling me everything?

Ask us to objectively and professionally inspect the books of that scheme BEFORE you sign. It could be the BEST MONEY YOU SPEND!

SPECIAL:     Fee of $363.00 incl GST, for a comprehensive report going back three years. 
                        Copies of three years of Minutes will be also included. _________________________________________________________________

What if I already own a strata unit or community villa?

Exclusively Strata is here to serve owners, not the other way around.

Does your current manager know what it is like to OWN and LIVE in such a property?  We do.

Is your manager a qualified ACCOUNTANT who manages your scheme with honesty, openness and integrity?  We have a CPA as principal manager

Are you able to ATTEND the strata meetings?  
We hold meetings at a time that best suits busy owners: evenings or Saturdays 

Do you earn interest on your scheme's funds? We bank monies in interest earning accounts

Are you certain that you have the proper insurances as Landlord or live-in Owner?  We can source compliant insurances for your loss of rent, tenant damage and contents

Can you understand and easily read the strata financial reports?
Accountant Licensee is a specialist in company financial reporting  
The confusion over strata or community scheme management is no longer!!  
Buy a level of management service that suits you needs: