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Setting up Strata or Community Schemes

What is the difference between a Strata Scheme and a Community Scheme? 
Which scheme is best for your sales of the units?

Whether p
lanning, drawing, mid-construction, or almost built, we can:

  • advise so that the council LEP and NSW strata laws are complied with

  • seek the compliant strata/community INSURANCES for the complex.

  • get QUOTES from gardeners, cleaners and maintenance personnel 
             (from highly reputable local trades)

  • LIAISE with Solicitors, Surveyors and Lands Department

  • prepare accurate BUDGETS for future levies to inform Selling Agents

  • organise, chair and minute the FIRST AGM of the new owners

>>Focus on what YOU do best and WE will do the rest!<< 

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